A tale of two countries

On my recent trip to India, I was amazed at the changes in population demographics and psychographics. It was indeed a youthful India that I encountered.

It was not just meeting young people brimming with entrepreneurial energy that impressed me, but also encountering the middle aged and older Indians with a refreshingly and decidedly younger mindset that took me by surprise!

What a sea change in a country that revered the elderly and today also respects equally the power and thinking of youth. The country is set to tap into innovation and forward thinking, no doubt propelled by an Indian Prime Minister who lives and breathes innovation and digital technology.

Interestingly, I see the similarities in this tale between our two countries.

Jade Devenish, Director – 

Geo Mysore Services India (part of Australia India Resources Group of Companies) along with Sheba Nandkeolyar and the New Colombo Plan Australian students

There is a refreshing focus by the Australian Government on innovation and technology partnerships, encouraging entrepreneurship, youth exchanges, the Colombo Plan, and the Australian Alumni Association in India – yet another wonderful initiative of DFAT sowing the seeds for a stronger, more enduring relationship between the two countries.

The Colombo Plan and alumni group have the power to drive and engage in people to people connections. In this photo, I am with some Colombo Plan students and the Australian Alumni Association in India.

What better foundation can a relationship be built on but on people to people connections?

This is the tale of our two countries – Australia and India.

Sheba Nandkeolyar, MultiConnexions CEO & Board Member, Australia India Council shares some insights from her recent visit to India…

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