Listen up Australia! Language matters.

The MultiConnexions team recently unearthed an insightful article that was published in titled, ‘These are the most powerful languages in the world’ written by Kai Chan, Distinguished Fellow, INSEAD Innovation and Policy Initiative.

In my role as Creative Writing/Language Lead, I get to experience the power of languages every day. Language matters. It breaks barriers, creates meaningful conversations and forges powerful connections that help companies and their customers understand one another better.

Chan sums it up rather aptly when he says, “in a globalized world with multilingual societies, knowledge of languages is paramount in facilitating communication and in allowing people to participate in society’s cultural, economic and social activities.”

As marketers and advertisers, we are in the business of story-telling. Of leading the customer on a journey using various methods of communication through visuals, sound and text. In the world of multicultural marketing, language, when communicated meaningfully, is critical to establishing a dialogue and a loyal following with audiences.

So sorry Google Translate, we love you but you’re just not cutting the mustard! Because for us, it’s not just about translating, rather trans-creating. That is the MCX motto.

Read the full article here: 
These are the most powerful languages in the world | World Economic Forum

By Diya Dasgupta, MCX Graphic Designer and Creative Writing Lead

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