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Who We Are

ROI focussed | Fuelled by insights, driven by data

For 15 years as pioneers in multicultural marketing, MultiConnexions has carved out a reputation as Australia’s leading multicultural, diaspora and diversity marketing and advertising agency. We are a diverse and passionate team who believe in multiculturalism and diversity. MultiConnexions is an independent, integrated, and strategic agency, offering 360 services.
MultiConnexions empowers brands and organisations, agencies and government to reach and connect with Australia’s diverse and multicultural audiences. We work with over 80 language groups as well as first nations/ indigenous/ aboriginal audiences.
MultiConnexions Group Verticals

MultiConnexions Group brands include

MultiConnexions ​

multicultural and diversity marketing and advertising agency

Global Connexions ​

cross cultural training and advisory, Multicultural Marketing Audits, and international marketing

Digital Panda ​

digital and Chinese social media including WeChat, Little Red Book (Xiao Hong Shu), Weibo, Douyin, Tencent Advertising and Baidu Advertising

Language Services

quality language development and translations in 80+ languages

Cultural and Diversity Testing

test creative/ marketing communications with diverse audiences including culture/ religion, indigenous/aboriginal, LGBTQI+ and more.
Our Vision

Promote a harmonious and diverse society

MultiConnexions’ vision is to promote a harmonious and diverse society where every new migrant and new Australian including diverse audiences has equal access to information from the Government, Brands and Organisations to help them settle comfortably into their new life and call Australia home.
Our Mission

We are passionate about helping:

brands and organisations grow their businesses and tap into additional revenue opportunities through building relationships and engagement with new Australians

government to connect meaningfully with diverse audiences through culturally aligned messages

creative agencies through partnerships to create inclusive advertising, cultural testing of brand and product campaigns, diverse talent booking, avoiding stereotyping.

Media agencies through partnership to extend advertising and messages to reach multicultural audiences in Australia.

Core Values

“Companies that embrace diversity and inclusion in all aspects of their business outperform their peers.”

Our Approach

Building relationships with multicultural audiences

Our in-depth understanding of audience insights leads us to believe that building relationships is key to doing business with multicultural audiences. We have longstanding relationships with our key stakeholders including media partners, business leaders, and community leaders. Our close connectivity and networks in Australia and countries-of-origin are critical to driving engagement and meeting client KPIs along.
The Leadership Team

Building relationships with multicultural audiences

Sheba Nandkeolyar

CEO and Chief Strategy Officer

Sanchay Mohan

COO and Director of Client Services

Katrina Hall

General Manager and Head of PR, Social Media, Diversity & Inclusion
The Leadership team also includes our Heads of Finance, Media, Creative Services and Research. The leadership team is supported by an operation team of over 20 advertising, marketing, research, creative and cultural specialists who speak 30+ languages.
MultiConnexions Group Strengths

How can MultiConnexions help you?​

We know our audience.
We know our audience.
We have in-depth insights into what motivates and drives multicultural audiences in Australia. Our extensive understanding of their country-of-origin influences allows for cutting-edge marketing strategies that provide results.
We open doors to new revenue streams.
We open doors to new revenue streams.
Our extensive expertise in the multicultural space is an asset to brands wanting to access Australia’s 12+ million multicultural audience, who are either born overseas or have at least one parent born overseas – an audience representing over $100 billion in revenue. Multicultural marketing is an art as well as a science. It follows the same rigorous analysis and planning as mainstream advertising. In fact, it requires even more – by way of cultural testing and understanding of country-of-origin influences.
We are results focused.
We are results focused.
Moving away from the one size fits all strategy, MultiConnexions tailors solutions to maximise campaign ROI. Every campaign is meticulously planned with detailed audience analysis, media receptivity, purchase drivers and creative and cultural relevance – ensuring our solutions deliver and exceed on business objectives.
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