Something to crow about in the Year of the Rooster

Lunar New Year is one of the busiest times for MultiConnexions (MCX), as there is often a flurry of work as our clients seek to target audiences of Chinese and other Asian backgrounds during a time when they are very receptive to positive messages.

The 2017 Lunar New Year was one of the most memorable for me, as I was heavily involved with the research and implementation of activations and events for our clients, Medibank and Telstra. It was also memorable as recently I had started to embrace Chinese culture more, starting to learn Mandarin at University of Sydney, as well as trying more Chinese cuisine (hotpot being a new favourite).

Leading up to Lunar New Year, MCX led a number of branded activations in a variety of strategic locations in Australia’s two biggest hubs for multicultural and new audiences: Melbourne and Sydney.

Our client Telstra used an interactive digital screen, which was capable of taking photos with filters and messaging, as well as connecting Sydney and Melbourne via a live video feed. It was great to see thousands of people taking photos and sharing with their loved ones via SMS and social media (WeChat was their favourite way of sharing the happy snaps). A variety of age groups and people of backgrounds not only from Asia participated, snapping photos and wishing a happy Lunar New Year to each other. It was great to see everyone got into it!

The Lunar New Year Festival in Hurstville was a major attraction for two of our clients, Medibank and Telstra.

Telstra took its interactive screens to the festival and also had marketing materials in both Chinese and English, allowing for the crowd to have an easier experience reading.

Medibank was running a spinning wheel competition, in which prizes were won depending on what the bright and bold rooster wheel landed on. As seen in the photos, the line for this game was incredibly long, and it was great to see people so enthused. As people collected their instant win prizes staff were able to interact with the winners, by encouraging them to leave an entry form into a competition draw.

The stalls were both smash-hits at the festival.

The festival itself boasted a number of interactive activities, services and hosting a variety of different international foods. Petting zoos, AFL, Buddhist Monks, Spanish paella and Dutch pancakes were just some of the interesting and diversified activities and foods available. This festival made me glad to see such a variety of cultures and people coming together to celebrate Lunar New Year.

On visiting one of the shopping malls, it was so pleasing to see the Medibank bright, positive and colourful rooster greeting me from one of the Medibank branches.

Overall, Lunar New Year has been a memorable experience and I look forward to rolling my sleeves up to ensure MultiConnexions’ clients achieve amazing success – especially during other cultural events, such as the upcoming Holi Festival.

By Costa Rorris
MCX Intern
Third generation Greek, a proud Australian who loves all things multicultural

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