Chinese demand, but can Australia deliver?

Chinese consumers are craving for quality overseas products, and Australian marketers would do well to tap into that craving and deliver in new and innovative ways.

Australia is widely recognised by Chinese consumers as having a clean and green environment with good quality products and brands. This favourable perception works particularly well in China, as product safety is a major concern among Chinese consumers – especially when it comes to food and personal care.

Now, more than ever, Chinese buying power needs to be respected for the commanding force that it is.

Retailers in the past may have been left blind-sided by the purchasing power of Chinese ‘dai gou’s (or ‘buyers on behalf of’) clearing the shelves of everything from vitamins to infant formula. But the time has arrived for moving beyond being ‘pleasantly surprised’ by high Chinese sales towards truly embracing an integrated Chinese marketing strategy.

In Emma Keen’s B&T article titled, Chinese Online Shoppers To ‘Walk Into Australia and New Zealand’ with Azoya, [18 August 2016], she notes this growing trend and highlights the ‘Walk Into Australia and New Zealand’ campaign, organised e-commerce provider Azoya and Chinese online shopping guide SMZDM.

The joint campaign focuses on connecting Chinese shoppers and Australian retailers so Chinese consumers have a better understanding of Australia’s product offerings, and their key attributes from a Chinese point of view: ethical, authentic and reliable. It also makes use of influential online celebrities, known in China as key opinion leaders (KOLs).

Read more about the campaign here.

By Katrina Hall
(Image Source: B&T)

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