The video app you’ve never heard of that just surpassed YouTube

In Q1 2018 Douyin ranked right at the top of the worldwide downloads list on iOS App Store. Downloads crossed 45 million – beating out YouTube downloads by 10 million

Tik Tok – no it’s not the sound the clock makes, or the bop of a pop song by Ke$ha, it’s the English name of new Chinese short video app – known as Dou Yin in Chinese and it is blowing up! Since its launch in September 2016, the app has achieved a meteoric rise in popularity, reaching an astonishing 66 million users. MCX PR Executive Alice Liu looks at what you need to know about Dou Yin (抖音– literally shaking voice)

What is Tik Tok?

Like short-form video hosting service Vine (RIP), Tik Tok is a musical short video app which includes the ability to edit your own videos with special effects such as shaking and shimmering colours along with the ability to overlay your visuals with popular electronic, cute and hip-hop dance music.

This app, targeted at young users, enables even the most talentless dabbler in video-making to create professional-looking and highly engaging fun videos with endless possibilities. And if you’re not inclined to making videos yourself, there is an endless stream of users uploading their own music videos, fashionable clips and hilarious viral reels.

Who uses Dou Yin?

The main users of Douyin are 20 to 29 years old (accounting for more than 60% of all users). A further 20% of users are under 19 years old and 13.5% of users are between 30 to 34 years old. Douyin users are also more female than male. Female users represent 66.4%, which is nearly twice as much as male users (33.6%).

Which leading brands have already jumped on the Dou Yin bandwagon?

Michael Kors – – The luxury brand held a video competition on Douyin. Chinese actress Yang Mi, who has 80 million followers on Weibo, is the brand ambassador of ‘The Walk” design, which contributing to great effect on brand popularity. In addition, 3 KOLs in Douyin were invited to create videos with wearing Michael Kors Access bags and watches, resulting in 5 million views. In the first week of the campaign,  30,000 Douyin Users were participated to create their talented videos and got in total 8.5 million likes.

Pizza Hut – – To promote their new Wow BBQ Black Pizza, Pizza Hut held a competition where participants created a video using Pizza Hut’s song ‘Black Magic’ and use the colour black as a theme. The winning video was judged by the number of likes and creative use of the theme and winners received gifts, including iPhone 8, Beats headphones and Pizza Hut vouchers. The campaign achieved nearly 30,000 users participated and 110 Million views of the clips.

Lenovo – – In a bid to appeal to a younger and more modern audience, Lenovo targeted youth for its new product Air 13 with a creative campaign including a video competition and brand ambassador, celebrity Lu Han. This campaign received over 13,000 entries amassing over 85 million views.

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