Celebrating Autumn Moon Festival Down Under: A Migrant’s Tale

This blog about Autumn Moon festival, which symbolises family reunion and celebrates the bounties of harvest, was written by Yuxi Miao, MultiConnexions Chinese Specialist and Designer.

Autumn has always had a special place in my heart as a member of the Chinese community, particularly because of Autumn Moon Festival. The stories we were told as children, the mooncakes we shared, and the lanterns that painted the night sky form an inseparable part of my memories of growing up in China.

While moving to Australia marked a significant change for me with starkly different surroundings, the evening sky and full moon remain the same. It warms my heart to see the way the festival is celebrated here, keeping the spirit alive but with an Australian twist.

As I walk through the bustling streets of Sydney, seeing stalls set up for the Autumn Moon Festival and children playing with lanterns, I’m reminded of my homeland. It’s a testament to how cultures can blend seamlessly in Australia.

Autumn Moon Festival retains significance for the Chinese community abroad. For migrants like me, it becomes a tether to our roots and offers a chance to share our rich traditions with our new community. It’s a day when we feel closer to home even when miles apart. In cities like Sydney, where there’s a significant Chinese diaspora, events related to the festival play a crucial role in bridging cultures.

The Essence of the Autumn Moon Festival

For those unfamiliar with the festival, the Autumn Moon Festival falls on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, when the moon is believed to be at its fullest and brightest. The core of this festival is togetherness. Traditionally, families come together, light up lanterns, share mooncakes, and look up at the moon, reminiscing and sharing stories.

(The Story of Chang’e ascending to the moon)

Marketing Opportunities for Businesses

As a marketer and as a Chinese person, I am always happy to see Australian brands celebrating and engaging with Chinese during this festival.

With such a large and growing Chinese population in Australia, businesses have a unique opportunity to connect through the Autumn Moon Festival. Celebrations like the Moon Festival at the City of Ryde Cabramatta and at the Darling Harbour, see thousands of attendees every year. They’re not just for Chinese but also see attendees from other Asian communities celebrating along with Australians keen to indulge in and understand diverse cultural celebrations.

(The Moon Festival at Cabramatta. Copyright at Paul Wright Photography)

Brands that sponsor these events have tremendous visibility to the community. And by going a step further with a culturally relevant activation, offer, or product there is a great opportunity to stand out. The possibilities are endless.

Here’s a few brands I have seen this year delivering some great Autumn Moon festival activities.

Australian chocolatier Koko Black unveiled chocolate moon cakes – a great gift for those visiting friends and family

Australian bakery Breadtop launched a collaboration with iconic cartoon rabbit Miffy presenting the Miffy Lava Custard Mooncake Giftset – a product sure to attract young Chinese.

Valentino’s Autumn Moon gift box from its Fall 2023 “Pink PP” collection turned tradition on its head, with a shocking pink hue.

Louis Vuitton thought beyond moon cakes, paying tribute to traditional printing craftsmanship with a Moon Festival gift box.

For marketers and businesses, this festival is a golden opportunity to genuinely connect with the Chinese community now exceeding 1.4 million. Engaging authentically with such events does not just make business sense but helps in creating a harmonious multicultural society.

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