Traditional David and Digital Goliath – a modern marketing battle

This blog was written by Taylor Emerton, MultiConnexions Account Executive, and looks at how traditional media can be very effective in a world dominated by digital overload.

Digital domination is overwhelming with modern advertising with most campaigns allocating a large majority of their budget to digital mediums.

“50% of that marketing budget should be dedicated to digital marketing in 2019”
– Hook agency, 2018

Online ads are attractive for a plethora of reasons; they are quick to make, relatively cheap, omnipresent and most importantly TRACKABLE! Showing the clicks and impressions has such a heavy importance for clients, showing that their target audience has seen their ad.

But when every brand under the sun is advertising online, what makes your ads (and ergo your brand) stand out? By being different of course!

Consumers are savvy and adaptable, online ads have to be particularly special to stand out amongst the crowd. Consumers are able to anticipate when and where online ads will be, and can manoeuvre their attention around them. You are getting impressions, but are you actually being noticed? If say 50,000 people opened your EDM, how many people actually read it?

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Now digital is obviously continuing to be a brilliant and effective medium, but it shouldn’t be the only focus for all campaigns.

There are so many excellent examples of traditional media use that are so creative that they get people talking, and sharing your ad online themselves! Through an effective creative approach, you can have user-generated online content without the spend. One well placed and engaging ad can create a huge wave of organic consumer engagement.

Best practice is having clever ads, not all-consuming ads. If you are constantly blasting your audience with pop-up banners and pre-rolls, it can sometimes get overwhelming. While if there is an engaging ad on a bus or billboard, you will spend your morning commute on the look-out to spot it again! You don’t need an enormous budget to have a successful traditional campaign, you just need one good idea.

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Grassroots events and participation at festivals are another great way to interact with your audience. It allows your brand to have a face and personality, showing your target audience that your beliefs align with theirs!

Store-opening promotions and local good-will are highly impactful, and get people talking within the community. Having someone you trust promote a brand and then having it backed up by digital reinforcement is a winning formula.

Events are limited-time-only, giving your audience an urgency to act, combine that with giveaways (which never cease to create a line full of lovers of free stuff) and engagement is guaranteed!

Traditional media is also trackable and measurable through; QR codes, participation registrations, promo codes, tear-off vouchers, counting physical traffic into stores and to the experience, referral questions, sign-ups for the experience etc.

It’s also encouraged to use a different code or CTA for each avenue used, so you can accurately compare success levels.

Some good examples are:

• At a pop-up event where products are being given out, not only can you track how many products have been given out, but you can also gain data by requiring an email to receive the product

• Having an engaging photo wall where your audience can exchange their name and number for a tangible and printed photo (that is also branded) as a keepsake.

• Offering free Wi-Fi at a location/event can also be a great way to gain data and measure the experience.

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Traditional media does not mean boring media, its possibilities shouldn’t be overlooked.

Digital media is here to stay, when it is used in conjunction with traditional media and a great creative, your brand will engage your audience on every level.

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