The 25 millionth person in Australia is an Indian

China and India are major participants in our economic future in Australia.

But here in Australia also, these two audiences will be the dominant players shaping our market consumption.

Whether we are looking at property, cars, banking and wealth products, massive consumption of technology, mobile and the internet, health, utilities or FMCG, they are a force to be reckoned with.

They are affluent – coming from rising economies and countries, they represent aspiration, ambition, entrepreneurship at its very best.

They can shape the Australian brand to be more daring and innovative. They are taking more feasible risks and driving a dream that used to be the American dream at one point of time. The quality of migrants and their capability, talent and financial strength will only add to Australia’s brand reputation of wanting to attract the best.

Even US President Donald Trump has recognised the success of the Australian migration quality.

We do not see them queuing up at Centrelink for handouts, but you will see them outside an Apple store, outside a Gucci store or at the best universities.

George Megalogenis on ABC puts across the cue proposition for migration in his recent article.

The message is clear – Australia must embrace its Eurasian future.

Written by Sheba Nandkeolyar

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