Key Marketing Steps to Help your Business Stand out this Ramadan

This MultiConnexions blog was written by Laura Williamson, Account Executive.

Sundown of the first of April 2022 marked the beginning of the most important event on the Muslim calendar, the Holy Month of Ramadan (or Ramzan). At the sighting of the crescent moon, Muslims observe Ramadan as the month that the Holy Quran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). For Muslim faithful, Ramadan is a time for spiritual reflection. It is a time for growth, togetherness and to focus on one’s relationship with Islam. Muslims participate in fasting during daylight hours to demonstrate faith, practise self-discipline and encourage greater empathy for the less fortunate.

Ramadan (and Eid, the end of Ramadan) is also a period where many marketers increase their engagement with the Muslim diaspora. Australian brands and organisations are increasingly recognising that important moments like Ramadan can lead to incredible goodwill and brand trust.

To understand how integrated marketing can spark attention during the holy month of Ramadan, here are some consumer and industry insights to consider.

Make your mark both online and offline

Like any religious time, Ramadan and its traditions have an influence on consumer behaviour. These changes in consumer behaviour are particularly pertinent as Ramadan tends to become a priority in the lives of those partaking in its traditions.

Research from iPrice Group found an increase in online shopping during the early hours of the morning among Muslim audiences. As the days during Ramadan are considered precious for enjoying time with family, strengthening spirituality and embracing self- reflection, consumer related purchases are often made during this time.

The takeaway for those in e-commerce/ marketing is to ensure your business is seen by implementing targeted ads during these times digitally and on social media. Also important is for marketers to place goodwill ads and cultural greetings to culturally connect with them at a time that matters. The goodwill build will naturally lead to brand trust and sales. Pay attention to trending Ramadan hashtags during this period and implement them into your business’ early morning posts to better connect with these audiences. Remember, around 78 per cent of Muslims would like brands to engage with them during Ramadan according to Ogilvy research.

For those not reached by digital avenues, traditional media is still often regarded as one of the most credible media sources, particularly amongst older audiences. Adding print ads or radio ads can be a fantastic way to reach these audiences.

PR Activation

At a time when community is front of mind, Ramadan provides an opportunity for public relations professionals to implement incredible PR events. Community engagement through grassroot programs such as stalls at community events and local event sponsorships can increase brand awareness and goodwill. Luna Park Sydney’s Eid celebrations are an example of an iconic Australian brand taking steps to celebrate the diverse community they represent. Eid marks the end of the fast and is a time filled with vibrant cultural celebrations. Perfectly aligning to the amusement park’s mantra of fun, Luna Park Sydney offered cultural entertainment and halal food on May 1 to celebrate this important festival.

Summing up

Ramadan and Eid are just some of the cultural festivals being celebrated by multicultural Australians. Brands that connect with them emotionally through their festivals will always have a special place in the hearts of multicultural consumers.

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