Diversity & Cultural Testing’ service launches to help MARCOMS agencies develop more inclusive communications

Marketers are realising the risks of alienating minority groups through clumsy one-size-fits-all marketing communications” – Sheba Nandkeolyar

Leading multicultural and diversity marketing agency MultiConnexions Group has launched a new entity ‘Diversity & Cultural Testing’ to provide tailored services to marketing, advertising and communications agencies that help them develop more inclusive communications that resonate with multicultural audiences.

Diversity and Cultural Testing promises to help agencies better understand if a proposed campaign or communication is likely to work with diverse marketing audiences and gain an insight as to why – including different cultures and religions, indigenous groups, levels of ability, sexual orientation, and gender, among others.

Sheba Nandkeolyar, CEO of MultiConnexions Group said: “In the aftermath of recent global movements, MultiConnexions Group has witnessed a surge in the popularity and demand of our Diversity and Cultural Testing services, which is why we have launched and strengthened as a standalone entity ‘Diversity and Cultural Testing’. Marketers – especially those who may not have standalone multicultural and diversity marketing resources or specialist agencies -are increasingly realising the importance of inclusivity as well as the risks involved with alienating minorities with clumsy one-size-fits-all marketing communications.”

Katrina Hall, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, PR and Social Media at MultiConnexions Group has been tasked with leading the Diversity and Cultural Testing entity, which is being launched to coincide with Mardi Gras 2021 – a festival celebrating diversity and inclusion.

Katrina Hall said: “The financial implications of inadvertent prejudice or lack of understanding of highly nuanced diverse audiences can be astronomical, especially as Australia is among the most multicultural and diverse societies in the world. Diversity testing is an important step to ensure a campaign or creative is inclusive and respectful to all audiences.”

The service checks how an agency’s ‘mainstream’ creative – including Digital, Social, Radio, TV, Outdoor, PR and Print – resonates with a particular audience segment. This could be sample of multicultural and diverse Australia or a specific audience or group of audiences grouped by commonalities such as Language, Religion, Culture and more. Answers are analysed on a scorecard summarising how the creative has fared on key attributes including images, word choice and creative direction.

About Diversity & Cultural Testing

Diversity & Cultural Testing is part of MultiConnexions Group, Australia’s leading multicultural and diversity marketing and advertising agency.

For further information about Diversity & Cultural Testing, please visit www.diversitytesting.com.au

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