Brands Celebrate Autumn Moon in China

This blog was written by Yoma Zhu, MultiConnexions’ Chinese Social Media Executive, and looks at how brands have advertised during the Autumn Moon festivities. 

The Moon Festival is an occasion for family reunions. When the full moon rises, families get together to watch the full moon, enjoy the home-made feast, eat moon cakes and sing moon poems (however, the young generation rarely do that right now).

No matter how does time change, moon cake is always the vital important element of Autumn Moon Festival. This traditional activity brings brands an exciting opportunity to embrace Chinese customers/ community emotionally.

Luxury brands, VIP customers and the branded moon cake gift box
In order to provide customers a unique shopping experience, well-known luxury brands such as Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Fendi etc. will probably give VIP customers their branded moon cakes as a gesture of goodwill during this Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.

Image Source: Mr.Bags, WeChat

In this year, the moon cake box from Miu Miu was designed as a Rubik’s Cube to present the amusement of the brand. Also, the shape of moon cakes were designed as moon, lotus, seedpod of the lotus and the lotus root representing the meaning of ‘enjoy the goodwill with family during the Autumn Moon Festival’.

Mid-Autumn Moon Festival will see retail brands promote products with festival-themed communication
Instead of preparing branded moon cakes, it may be more cost-efficient for retail brands to use creative Autumn Moon-themed communication pieces to create awareness and launch new products.

Image Source: Golden Mouse, Zhihu

ijovo, one of the most popular liquor brands in the Chinese grassroots community created a poster based on an ancient poem – ‘Raise a glass to the moon, to the shadow into three’. Compared to the loneliness expressed by the poem, ijovo created a more cheerful context with two people drinking ijovo in the artwork.

User Generated Content (UGCs) makes its mark with Autumn Moon campaigns
Tapping into the power of Chinese social media is the best way to target the younger Chinese generations. Qia Qia Food is one of the largest food companies in China who have made the best use of the hashtag function on Weibo.

Image Source: Digitaling

In 2018, Qia Qia Food launched the Autumn Moon campaign with the hashtag ‘It is OK to be with you on the Autumn Moon day’ which encouraged social media users to share the image with the “OK” gesture and tag their family/friends. Some of them included the moon within the image which was quite creative!

More than 1 million positive comments were generated during the campaign period which increased sales and attracted goodwill for the brand in China.

Family is not just important, it is central to the existence of the Chinese community – especially during the festival times such as Autumn Moon. The sense of belonging and the love shared between the family members is not just visible in China, but is also visible here amongst the Australian-Chinese families enjoying their Autumn Moon festivities together.

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Image header source: Rojak Daily

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