8 ways to improve your creative productivity

In this MultiConnexions blog, Graphic Designer Aman Gupta shares some ways to better your creative productivity on those days where things just don’t seem to click.

Working in the creative field is something that I enjoy, I was lucky enough to know from an early age that I wanted to work in the creative industry. The idea of creating something new and original excites me.

One of the things that people say to me when I tell them that I’m a Graphic Designer is “Oh that’s so cool, I wish I was creative”. But I believe creativity isn’t something that people are just born with, a creative idea can come from anyone and anywhere. I believe that creativity is all about solving problems in a way that is different. When you’re being creative, you’re challenging the norm and thinking in a way that challenges you.

Creativity doesn’t only happen in the creative industry or lead to only creative/artistic outcomes. A creative approach can be used when solving logical problems, whether it’s designing a logo, coming up with a catchy tagline, streamlining an internal business process or presenting your pitch/story in a captivating manner.

However, there are times when I hit a wall and just can’t think. It happens to everyone, and it can be especially frustrating in the creative industry when you have a pen and paper in front of you, yet you struggle to put something down. Designers often put an expectation on themselves to always be ready with brilliant ideas and creativity flowing 24/7 but, it doesn’t always work like that.

There are many great ways to overcome a creative block and get your mojo back. Here are some tips that we find help boost creativity – including some tips that were particularly useful for us when we were working on our clients’ Lunar New Year creatives for the Year of the Pig.

We have chosen a lucky 8 tips below:

1. Listen to music – Music is a great source of inspiration and motivation. Listening to your favourite tunes, or a genre that keeps you calm and productive yet doesn’t distract you is the best way to boost creativity and productivity.

2. Surround yourself with things you like, inspiration etc. – mood boards or inspirational artwork, pictures of friends and family. Personalise your work space – make it an area that you’re happy to come to every day.

Here’s some easy rules to follow to build an inspirational moodboard for your work space.
Image Reference: Studio McGee

3. Change your environment – step out for a breath of fresh air and go to a local café/park, or take a walk. Oxygen is great for the brain!

4. Move away from the computer and go old-school – grab a paper and pen or go to the whiteboard and start brainstorming.

5. Keep your eyes open – inspiration comes from anywhere. After work, before work, while you commute, while you watch something on TV.

6. Take advantage of being “in the zone” – moments where an idea comes to your head and you keep going with it, almost as if it’s writing itself. Take full advantage of these times that come by, get as many ideas down and don’t let yourself escape from that “creative zone”.

“The zone” isn’t mythical, it’s very real! Sometimes an idea starts to take shape and your brain finds other ideas/executions through that initial thought-starter.

7. Research online, books etc – look at similar projects to what you’re working on, or brands who’ve done similarly in the past. What worked and what didn’t?

8. Take constructive feedback from someone new/not in your industry. Ads/designs will be viewed by audiences who aren’t from a design background – you’re creating for this audience so get feedback straight from the horse’s mouth.

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