5 Ways to Create Meaningful Engagement with Multicultural Audiences

Multicultural audience events are intrinsic to the life of every migrant in Australia, along with their children and their children’s children. Whether you speak a language other than English, were born overseas or have ancestral roots in another country – the link to culture is one that continues to thrive (no matter how long you’ve lived in Australia). Using cultural insights to effectively engage with these audiences, at the grass-root level, can be the difference between simply reaching them, versus giving them a reason to believe in your brand or product.

Celebrate what they love
Community events – whether a large-scale festival or a more intimate influencer event – are always a celebration of culture – and a great way to stay connected. Truly effective engagement with multicultural audiences means being a part of that celebration, while tying it into your brand or product experience in a natural way. Tapping into what the audience loves most about their culture is a sure-fire way to start a conversation.

Be current
While the foundation of each culture remains strong and unchanging, these audiences are dynamic and ever-changing in what they love on a minute to minute basis. This is often a result of what’s happening in their country of origin. By staying up-to-date and showcasing an innate understanding of what’s hot right now, your experiential platform will cut through the clutter.

Give them a reason to remember you
Nostalgia can be a key driver in creating a memorable experience for multicultural audiences. Aside from their loved ones, it’s usually the little things that they miss from their country of origin or culture. Tap into that sense of nostalgia that is unique to each and every culture, so that you are hard to forget. Most multicultural audiences value tangible gifts and giveaways. They are more likely than mass-market audiences to hold on to the information or items that you give them at their community events. A creative take-home printed piece is not wasted with this audience. Social media is a great tool for extending your offline presence into the popular digital world that these audiences live in. Giving them a reason to share is giving them a reason to remember you.

Speak their language…and listen
With so many communities being language dependent, most major companies now have strong in-language staff support on the frontlines that cover a range of cultures and languages. Language-speaking staff is an invaluable asset – who better to connect your brand with these audiences in a meaningful way? Of course, engagement is a two-way street. The most effective engagement not only shares a relevant and interesting message, but also gives the audience a chance to be heard and interact.

Be authentic
Customers don’t expect you to change your brand ethos for them. However, brands that are truly successful in engaging with multicultural audiences are those that stay true to their brand personality, while making it relevant to this new target audience.

By Georgina Lionatos

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