5 Ways to Create Meaningful Engagement with Multicultural Audiences

Multicultural audience events are intrinsic to the life of every migrant in Australia, along with their children and their children’s children. Whether you speak a language other than English, were born overseas or have ancestral roots in another country – the link to culture is one that continues to thrive (no matter how long you’ve lived in Australia). Using cultural insights to effectively engage with these audiences, at the grass-root level, can be the difference between simply reaching them, versus giving them a reason to believe in your brand or product.

Moon Festival Insights

The Moon Festival is a traditional celebration of the Autumn harvest and celebrated by the Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean communities.

According to Chinese legends a Moon Maiden appears on the 15th night of the 8th lunar moon in the year. Upon this magical occasion, children who make their wishes to the Moon Maiden will find their dreams come true. Chinese families get together, watch the beautiful full moon and eat moon cakes. Moon cakes are pastries with sweet fillings of red bean and lotus seed paste, and are exchanged as gifts.