The Journey from Rich Media to Social Media

Once upon a time YouTube was home of rich media formats. Today, rich media, as we know it, has evolved and is travelling across the World Wide Web for bigger and better things. Just like a ‘selfie’, it has found its new home on social media platforms and it is here that it is screaming for attention to all who are willing to listen.

5 Ways to Create Meaningful Engagement with Multicultural Audiences

Multicultural audience events are intrinsic to the life of every migrant in Australia, along with their children and their children’s children. Whether you speak a language other than English, were born overseas or have ancestral roots in another country – the link to culture is one that continues to thrive (no matter how long you’ve lived in Australia). Using cultural insights to effectively engage with these audiences, at the grass-root level, can be the difference between simply reaching them, versus giving them a reason to believe in your brand or product.

The Tiger Mum: Hear her roar!

The word “Mum” is perhaps the softest word in the world, conjuring up warm, fuzzy thoughts of your favourite comfort food, made fresh and delicious, just the way you like it. The word “Tiger”, on the other hand conjures up quite the opposite!

People probably will never understand how these two elements could ever be connected; however, the Chinese have their own opinions.

China is closer than you think!

By Mansi Saxena

This weekend, spend an evening at the Sydney Opera House and observe the people around you.

You can’t miss it; it’s a sea of different faces. Chinese, Indians, Koreans, Vietnamese, Pakistanis walking by in families, couples, young student groups. It’s fascinating to see so many different cultures within your camera frame at the backdrop of an Australian landmark. That’s the beauty of Australia, the friendly multicultural shore!

Tourism in Australia is a reflection of this multiculturalism. Over 6.6 million visitors arrived in Australia for the year ending May 2013, marking an 8.2% growth over the same period the previous year.

Ethnic businesses in India too big to ignore

By Priya Prakash

“A society that cannot manage its many cultures cannot amount to much because it is, by definition, a society that cannot harness the energy of its constituents” – Joseph Assaf

From Sidney Myer who arrived in Australia in 1899 as a ‘penniless Russian migrant’, Henry Ngai of ABC Tissues, a winner of the recent Ethnic Business Awards, to Bing Lee – a Chinese migrant whose start-up business Bing Lee Electronics has grown to 40 plus stores in NSW – these are but a few of the many migrant stories that awe, inspire and embody human grit and achievement.

Kung Hei Fat Choy!

On the 10th of February a new day dawns for all born under the “Year of the Water Snake” and the Lunar New Year celebration begins.

Three thousand years ago before the celebration of Christmas, the Chinese began to tell a mythical tale of an animal race to claim their places in the Chinese horoscope.

The rise of the Chinese consumer

From Sydney to San Francisco, Singapore to Saigon; all around the world you will find blossoming cities and suburbs influenced by Chinese culture.

What once was simply an orchestral piece inspired by the unique and often subtle notes of the Chinese people, is fast becoming a concerto, composed specifically for this solo instrument.

Chinese Year of the Black Water Dragon 2012

Monday 23 January sees the beginning of the Chinese New Year festivities, opening what is destined to be a lucky year according to the Chinese zodiac. In Chinese mythology, the Jade Emperor called a race across a fast-moving river. The first twelve animals who reached the other side would feature in the zodiac which the Emperor wanted to create to measure the passing of time. Some animals employed sneaky ploys against their competitors (Rat, Snake), others worked together (Monkey, Rooster, Sheep), and some needed to stop for a snack half-way across (Pig).

What made our world turn in 2011

“Kung Hei Fat Choi!”
These were the first words the Multicall team greeted each other with when we returned to work in January 2011. Just when all the Festive Season celebrations seemed to have died down, Chinese New Year was upon us and we couldn’t think of a better way to start the working year! Many Multicall clients and partners participated in the nationwide CNY festivities, building crucial relationships with this rapidly growing audience.

Moon Festival Insights

The Moon Festival is a traditional celebration of the Autumn harvest and celebrated by the Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean communities.

According to Chinese legends a Moon Maiden appears on the 15th night of the 8th lunar moon in the year. Upon this magical occasion, children who make their wishes to the Moon Maiden will find their dreams come true. Chinese families get together, watch the beautiful full moon and eat moon cakes. Moon cakes are pastries with sweet fillings of red bean and lotus seed paste, and are exchanged as gifts.