Holy Holi!

This blog post was prepared by Taylor Emerton, MultiConnexions Account Executive.

The colourful day Holi starts on Wednesday, 20th March and ends on Thursday, 21st March 2019 this year. This cherished festival is to mark the start of Northern Hemisphere spring and pays homage to several traditional stories. It is now known as day for fun, colour and celebration, that brings the community closer together. It is celebrated widely in India as well as a few other countries – and definitely also by the South Asian diaspora in Australia.

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Local Holi festivals encourage the whole community to get involved and to immerse themselves in the experience, as a cultural exchange and sharing of traditions with neighbours, friends and strangers alike.

So, why should Holi be important to Australian marketers? Let us spell it out (HOLI)…

H – Highly connected
The Indian community is highly connected, with those celebrating Holi coming together to celebrate significant days in the cultural calendar. During Holi, brands have a unique opportunity to tap into this goodwill and connections.

O – Organic word of mouth
Through including your brand at festivals during Holi, and creating an engaging experience, your brand will benefit from strong word of mouth as attendees share their experiences with their networks. Great first-hand experiences and genuine references from family and friends, will leave your brand at the forefront of your audience’s minds! Approvals and endorsements from trusted community members go a long way!

L – Lucrative market
The market size is large – in Australia, there are close to half a million Indian-born people according to 2016 Census figures. This market continues to expand exponentially! There are 700,000+ Indian diaspora in Australia and 87% reside in metro Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane areas making geo-targeting very easy. It’s time to get involved in the South Asian/ Indian market while you still can!

I – Inclusion
Australia is so vastly multicultural that cultural inclusion has become essential to a successful marketing campaign. Being included in festivals like Holi, provides a great opportunity to get in front of an incredibly engaged audience, and align your brand with all the positive attributes that the festival brings.

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Holi is an inclusive festival, everyone is welcome. Marketing should be the same, including all, and not just targeting mainstream markets.

Some simple ways that you can further involve your business in Holi are:
– Sponsor local events around the country – either through a stall or other festival presence
– Engage your brand in a Holi-themed social media campaign to tap into the community spirit
– Create bespoke marketing and advertising materials in print, online, on radio etc.

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The opportunities are boundless.
If you’re looking to get your business involved in Holi, contact MultiConnexions today!

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