MultiConnexions launches MCX Talent at Melbourne Lunar New Year ‘Roostail’ event

“Multiculturalism is the unstoppable global trend that Australia is leading”

MultiConnexions has launched MCX Talent, the company’s new cultural talent arm on the sidelines of the company’s ‘Roostail’ Lunar New Year Asian insights evening held at Melbourne’s Chinese Museum. Sheba Nandkeolyar, CEO, MultiConnexions announced the launch of MCX Talent, which will help marketers and agencies fill the gap existing in the market for culturally diverse talent.

Multicultural audiences make up 27 per cent of Australia, according to ABS Data, and a new audience arrives in Australia every minute. These new audiences are the fastest growing market segments in Australia, controlling close to $100 billion of all household expenditure.

Nandkeolyar said, “Multiculturalism is the unstoppable global trend Australia is leading. The cultural landscape of Australia is changing, and some new audiences are a must-have for marketers in the marketing mix – Indian, and Chinese audiences, among others.”

MultiConnexions Director of Strategy and Insights, Kaiyu Li, highlighted how cultural insights can connect brands more meaningfully with these new audiences. He also discussed the enormous potential for brands in tapping into the feelings of fondness and nostalgia that many new audiences and multicultural Australians have for their country of origin.

MCX Talent, part of MultiConnexions Group, will help brands, organisations and events showcase Australia’s cultural diversity in a more authentic way. The new arm will be headed by Georgina Lionatos, Director of Client Services at MultiConnexions.

Lionatos said, “The face of Australia is changing and marketers need to avoid tokenistic use of talent but rather focus on being authentic and using talent that will resonate with the audiences being portrayed.”

The MCX Talent cast of talent reflects Australia’s cultural diversity, and includes talent for stills and photography; talent for video, television commercials and films; voice over talent in a range of languages; promotional staff fluent in languages other than English; cultural performers for events; event MCs and hosts; and community ambassadors to represent brands or organisations among other talent.

The Roostail evening gave guests a sample of MCX Talent with an authentic Chinese experience wherein they enjoyed listening to the Chao Feng Orchestra, had their fortune told by a Chinese Feng Shui fortune teller, and tried their hand at mah-jong, led by two masters.

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We are Global

Why should brands invest in speaking to the new audiences in Australia? This is a question often asked by marketers. And there can be no better answer than what I see outside Emporium Melbourne at 5:00 am this fairly chilly morning. There are more than 60 young Asians already waiting patiently in the queue to purchase the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 –new Kanye West sneakers.

They look pretty well settled in their light fold up chairs, and look like they may have been there all night. A $250 pair can be sold online I am told by one informed youngster for $600 – a tidy profit. I take a quick walk before heading to the airport and watch a deal being done. One young guy sold his place in the queue for $200 to another punter.

I get into my taxi and the young Indian taxi driver tells me wistfully that if he was not driving his taxi and was free from his university class later on in the day, he would be in the queue too. “What is so special about these shoes?” I ask him.

He waves me off – not disrespectfully, but quite honestly. “Oh, you wouldn’t understand. You wouldn’t like those shoes. But for us, they are limited edition, wonderful shoes! It’s the brand.”

“How did you find out about them?” I ask, curiously.

“Anyone from China or India knows about them already,” is his reply.

Brands – especially those that are new to these audiences – need to be in conversation with new audiences, especially when they first come to Australia. Their disposable income cannot be underestimated. 

I ask the young international student driving me to the airport what he studies in university and he answers ‘civil engineering’. What does he want to do?

“Start my own business when I get back, perhaps I can also do something with Australia too, among other countries.”

Apologies Mr Dick Smith. It is clear that international students and migrants are fantastic for the Australian economy.

This is the second in a series of ‘We are Global’ blogs.

By Sheba Nandkeolyar, CEO, MultiConnexions

(Image source: The Weekly Review)

Something to crow about in the Year of the Rooster

Lunar New Year is one of the busiest times for MultiConnexions (MCX), as there is often a flurry of work as our clients seek to target audiences of Chinese and other Asian backgrounds during a time when they are very receptive to positive messages.

The 2017 Lunar New Year was one of the most memorable for me, as I was heavily involved with the research and implementation of activations and events for our clients, Medibank and Telstra. It was also memorable as recently I had started to embrace Chinese culture more, starting to learn Mandarin at University of Sydney, as well as trying more Chinese cuisine (hotpot being a new favourite).

A tale of two countries

On my recent trip to India, I was amazed at the changes in population demographics and psychographics. It was indeed a youthful India that I encountered.

It was not just meeting young people brimming with entrepreneurial energy that impressed me, but also encountering the middle aged and older Indians with a refreshingly and decidedly younger mindset that took me by surprise!

Listen up Australia! Language matters.

The MultiConnexions team recently unearthed an insightful article that was published in titled, ‘These are the most powerful languages in the world’ written by Kai Chan, Distinguished Fellow, INSEAD Innovation and Policy Initiative.

In my role as Creative Writing/Language Lead, I get to experience the power of languages every day. Language matters. It breaks barriers, creates meaningful conversations and forges powerful connections that help companies and their customers understand one another better.

Marketers can’t continue treating multicultural audiences as ‘an afterthought’

MultiConnexions boosts investment into strategy and insights with appointment of Kaiyu Li as new Director of Strategy and Insights

MultiConnexions, Australia’s largest independent multicultural marketing agency, has today announced the appointment of Mr. Kaiyu Li as Director of Strategy and Insights. The new appointment will see the company boost its strategic and insight capabilities for its existing and future clients.

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How Brands Can Capitalise on the Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year… Lunar New Year… Spring Festival… Whatever name you prefer to use, it’s the most significant festival celebrated by the Chinese diaspora across the world, and by communities with a strong Chinese relationship. It marks the first day of a new year on the lunar calendar, when these communities welcome another year with festivities that are steeped in cultural heritage.

Rule the roost with great guanxi

Lunar New Year (commonly called Chinese New Year) is one of the oldest and most important traditions in Asian culture. On the 28th of January, 2017 celebrations will come to a crescendo as we enter the ostentatious ‘Year of The Rooster’. This is tenth sign of the Chinese zodiac, and the rooster is generally said to be loyal, sociable and friendly (albeit, a little bossy). While celebrations go on for several weeks, the Lunar New Year period is typically a time when Chinese and other East Asian families come together with their family and friends to honour traditions, to enjoy each other’s company and to hope for a bright future.

That’s Numberwang for you

Last week, the MCX team attended the ReTHINK TV Marketing Forum in Doltone House, Jones Bay Wharf – Sydney, where there were plenty of fascinating insights as well as facts and figures showcased by industry leaders and corporate heavyweights. Among them was Tess Alps, the charismatic and passionate Chair of Thinkbox – the marketing body for commercial TV in the UK, who delivered an engaging speech on her vision for the future of television.

Multiculturalism wins again – Congratulations to the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne

Over the weekend, MultiConnexions’ good friends and partners, the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne (IFFM) won the prestigious 2016 Melbourne Award for Contribution to Multiculturalism by a Corporation. From MultiConnexions to IFFM, a big congratulations!

IFFM was presented the award (a new category this year) during a ceremony held at the Melbourne Town Hall. MultiConnexions wishes IFFM and Mitu Bhowmick Lange a very hearty congratulations on this well-deserved industry recognition, and we will continue to be proud supporters of IFFM.

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